Defragging helps to optimize your hard drives performance by reducing the amount of fragmentation. To keep things simple, Computer Repairs Hervey Bay can help to keep your hard drive files in good order for optimum reading and writing, meaning faster hard drive access speeds, meaning better performance.

1. Analyzing your hard drive
Go to your desktop and double click Auslogics Disk Defrag.
It may not be necessary to defrag your hard drive, but if you've used your computer for a long time and you don't have automatic defragging switched on (Windows provides it's own defragger, but Auslogic's is better) you may need to defrag your hard drive.
To test this, analyze your hard drive by clicking the small dropdown arrow beside defrag, and clicking analyze, like below or view this computer repair video.

d_analyze (3K)

Your disk will then be analyzed.

d_analyzing (9K)

2. Defragging your hard drive
You'll be told whether a defrag is recommended. If it is, simply click the same drop down arrow as before and this time click defrag, depending on time you may want to choose defrag and optimize. Defragmentation takes a long time, and you'll notice Auslogic's offers you the ability to shutdown your computer once a defragmentation is complete. It might be wise as depending on how much needs defragmenting, it can take hours.

d_runningdefrag (9K)

Once a defrag is complete, you'll be shown a notification as below and you may notice some increase in disk performance, this concludes this part of the guide now move on to removing your computer cookies.
d_defragcomplete (2K)

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